Cast: Foxy Sanie
Genres: Solo, Posing, Speculum, Gaping, Close Ups, Toys
Video language: English

Okay, let's face it whats nicer than a cute, small breasted girl with glasses and very perky nipples getting naked for use? Some people like tattoos (and hers are attractive), some people like a wanton attitude (she's got it), but personally, what does it for me is the gape, and the aggressive and interesting way that Foxy Sanie pursues this admirably open goal.

Sanie starts in front of the now-familiar bridge pylon, braless in a filmy white sundress that leaves just enough to our imagination (those perky nipples poke out through the top). You can see her curves and bumps through the cotton fabric as she sways back and forth. And of course, she's got sandals but no panties. So you can imagine seeing just such a girl walking through Prague on a summer day, and you would pray that an errant breeze would would blow her skirt just the right way. But you needn't wish in vain, Sanie lifts her dress for us (and we get a great teasing shot as out cameramen lies on the ground and shoots upwards).

But my favorite part is when Sanie leans back against the pylon, lifts her skirt and tucks it into the top, slowly slides her legs apart and slides her body downwards so that she is in a wide half-standing squat, and lovingly pulls her labia apart. Our cameraman gets below her again, and she just works that pussy for us. Pulling, stretching, grabbing, opening—all while staring us in the eye. She is giving us a show, and wants to see what we think...

Sometimes she clenches her muscles, sometimes she relaxes her whole pelvic floor... this is an exercise in vaginal exhibitionis. It gets more brazen when she sits in the beanbag chair, pulls out those pretty little titties, and inserts fingers for a wider stretch. And she doesn't just clench and unclench, she also bears down so that we can see her insides moving around.

The scene ends with Sanie on her hands and knees, with Violeta coming in to lend two helping hands in a beautiful set of rear stretches...

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