Cast: Sandra Otterson/Wifey
Genres: blowjob,handjob,hotwife
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This time the Master Blaster sent a text challenging me- he didn't think I could coax and swallow the entire load that he had been saving up for 8 days! Well, you know me- Wifey loves a challenge!
Hubby didn't think I'd be able to swallow it all either (but was anxious to film and watch it, he's such a perv lol)
When the Master Blaster arrived I could tell he was raring to go! He was so fucking horny and hadn't climaxed in so long I was afraid he would blow off the second I got my mouth on his fat dong!
I took down his jeans and engulfed his stiff cock. His legs started to shake! He wanted to cum so badly but I had my own needs I wanted taken care of first (coming in a later video!) I knew he wasn't going to last long and he said his balls were literally aching. I knew this was gonna be good!!
When we were ready to make him climax I got down on my knees and first slowly stroked his huge rock hard cock. I was looking right up at him and telling him how much I loved fucking him and couldn't wait to see how much he could cum for me. He really liked that and started moaning. I then started sucking on his swollen balls while I stroked him and finally took him into my mouth. After only about a minute of sucking and stroking he told me he was almost ready to cum.
I then dropped further down onto my knees and opened my mouth wide for him while looking directly into his eyes. He moaned and then his cock started PUMPING a massive cumshot directly into my open mouth! OMG I have never seen so much cum in my life! That cock just kept spurting and spurting- 11 times!! And every jizzy rope was huge, it was crazy!!
After he (finally) finished, he slapped his cock on my face (which got me even hotter). I then turned to my husband and showed him the massive wad that I had just coaxed from this man. I then swallowed the entire load while the guys watched and we all laughed together at the spectacle!!

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