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What is a girl to do when she has the most unfortunate luck of being at home when a man breaks into her home with the intent of robbing her of all her valuables and worthy possessions? Co-operating with the intruder is the first thing that comes to mind so she doesnt get hurt show him where all the money, credit cards, jewelry and valuables are do what he asks and Co-Operate to the fullest with the idea of getting him out of there as quickly as possible so her horrible ordeal can come to an end and she can be left alone but what else can she do to insure her safety and make sure she doesnt get hurt? Well, by not being a threat to the burglar after he leaves comes to mind so he doesnt feel like he has to harm her in any way in order to make his escape .successfully .and thats exactly what Melissa Lynn, Ariana Rosario, Marie Valentine, January Seraph, and Christina Carter have in mind so all the while as they lead the burglar from room to room showing him where their money, credit cards, and worthy possessions are they tell the intruder he doesnt need to hurt them, they will co-operate fully ..and, even better, after he gets everything he wants he can insure his get away by tying them up really, really tight with a lot of rope, gagging them really, really well so they cant say a word or make a sound, and he will be guaranteed a hassle free escape as it will be hours or even days before they will find a way to get unbound and ungagged. They go on to say they have seen it in the Movies or on TV all the time .where a girl gets robbed and they tie her up and gag her so they can make an escape .the girls go on to tell the burglar they know for sure it will work .and its in his best interest and they will not pose any threat to him at all once they are tightly trussed up and their mouths are packed and wrapped tight! The ladies even go on to show him where a stash of rope is in the house suspicious and a bit reluctant the burglar questions them thinking they may be stalling for time, trying to trick him into sticking around so a husband or boyfriend can come home and catch him in the act ..but again and again the girls insist its not a trick, to please tie them up, very tightly, using a lot of rope and making sure they get gagged, effectively, so they are completely helpless, tightly bound and gagged.

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