Studio: Bond Group Ltd

The story is a good one -- seems Becky has been skimming from the company accounts and Jay has found out. This debt must be paid. Becky agrees to the payment but does not realize how much she is actually going to contribute. Her first payment involves handcuffs, ankle-cuffs and a mouthful of gag. Cuffed to a chair, she struggles to free herself -- she now realizes what she will be to do. She is suspended from the ceiling; tied nude on an ottoman; ball-tied on the floor; on her knees on the bed; and on her back -- very securely tied to the bed. Jay uses crotchropes, great erotic gags, butt spanking, blindfolds, whips to the bottom, nipple clamps, and hot wax dripped on her ass. Beckys non-stop punishment makes her wonder if her theft was worth the price. Claudia, in leather straps and nipple clamps, is nude except for hose, shoes, and elbow-length gloves. Jay toys with her helpless body and hooks chains to her bound legs to keep them spread open. Claudia next loses all of her clothing and endures nipple clamps, tit play, breast bondage and a leather strap that causes her to whimper like a puppy. Spread-eagled on the bed, she is unable to stop Jay when he torments her body with dozens of clothespins. She is totally nude and extremely vulnerable -- just the way we like her

Format: real
Duration: 1:16:55
Video: 344x264, RV40
Audio: 62kbps

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