Studio: Harmony Concepts

Kelly Ashton invites over three of her former sorority s (Jessica Eden, Alicia Parks and Oceana) for a pajama party -- just like the ones they used to have in college. An irrepressible energy prevails as the old friends slip into their sexy nighties and indulge in some high-spirited hijinx. Kellys visitors find their hostess handcuff collection and playfully lock each other up, then Kelly gets roped and gagged to settle an old score --during a fun-filled pillow fight! But the mood turns when Kellys guests discover she has a hidden motive for the party, just as a burglar breaks in and all four gorgeous blondes are bound and gagged. The story is followed by vignettes featuring Alicia, Caroline Koh and newcomer Krissy Taylor. Its a party you just cant miss!

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