Release Year: 1985
Cast: Actresses : Ali Moore, Ami Rodgers (as Amy Rogers), Buffy Davis (as Buffy) , Jennifer Noxt, Jessica Wylde (as Jessica Wilde), Josephine Carrington, Cheri Janvier (as Mon Cheri Janvier), Sahara, Tamara Longley , Actors : F.M. Bradley (as Field Marshall Brad
Genres: Classic, Anal, Double Penetration, Group, Facial, Hardcore, All Sex
Video language: English

Zanos (played by Ron Jeremy) is a Greek ambassador visiting the United States, with a strong penchant for performing anal sex, but who is having sex when the girl he's fucking (played by hot starlet, Tamara Longley) won't let him perform anal. Frustrated, he rings Steven, his US liaison (played by Peter North), who suggests he should contact the A Team, who he describes as "masters in the art of anal penetration".
The A Team soon arrive at Zanos' villa in a van (similar to that used by The A Team in the TV show). Led by Mr P (played by F.M. Bradley), the members of the A Team (including Tom Byron, Marc Wallice, and girls including Cheri Janvier(credited as Mon Cheri Janvier), Jennifer Noxt, Sahara, and Ami Rogers).
Soon, Harry Reems, visits Zanos, and is introduced to Mr P, who arranges member of the A Team, Ami Rogers, who teasingly asks "Well Mr Reems - are you going to ream me out ?"
Several anal orgies take place, while Sahara is made ready for Zanos, which an illustration of a cat painted on her ass, with Sahara's asshole being portrayed as the cat's mouth. While Zanos' wife arrives, and joins in a gang-bang led by Mr P, Zanos finally gets some anal as he plunders Sahara's ass. At one stage, Zanos has to be rescued by Mr P by being pulled free of Sahara's ass. Zanos interrupts Mr P's threesome in the process, and yells "Mr P, Mr P - I'm stuck, I'm stuck", but is wrenched clear of Sahara's ass. After climaxing, Zanos speaks directly to the cat painted on Sahara's ass, saying "Cat - you give great head".
The queen of Greece arrives, and a huge anal orgy ensues. While the queens polishes Mr P's huge cock, Zanos enjoys anal with Jennifer Noxt. Mr P finally gets to shoot his load after taking the anal position in a double penetration of Cheri Janvier. After the other participants of the orgy climax, the film finishes with a very-content Zanos and friends toasting the members of the A team.

Format: MPEG
Duration: 1:20:30
Video: 720x480, MPEG-1, 2441kbps
Audio: 218kbps

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