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If you dont remember how hot and kinky the first Bi Pole Her was, the second one just got way out of control. These guys are probably completely gay, but for some reason still like to fuck chicks. The only way around saying theyre not totally gay is by telling people how they tag-team girls and leave out the parts about them sucking each other off. But hey, youd do the same fucking thing if you were in their shoes, but youre not so check out Bi Pole Her 2. Youre secrets safe with us and its up to you to play with your ass while watching this one.
The clear boundaries that once existed between gay and straight are slowly disappearing. BI-Pole her #2 is hard evidence of this phenomenon, as boys love other boys just as much as they love girls. The participants in this modern era orgy are willing to share everything with anyone of either sex. The question todays youth are asking: What turns you on more, my dick or her pussy?

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