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    10 May 2016

    Fisting & Dildo Ashleigh Disciplinary Action 1080p 16.11.15

    Studio: MormonGirlz
    Cast: Ashleigh

    After being shamed and punished by the other Mormon girls, Ashleigh’s nude body is slick with oil and pussy juice. Her legs ache and every orifice is stretched and tender. But now she’ll have to endure the Priesthood Stretcher.

    Several weeks ago, the innocent blonde teen had committed the most egregious of sins: she gave her body to boy Hart, who fucked her in the church parking lot in the back of a van.

    She knows what a serious sin she committed when she broke the law of chastity. She assumes she has destroyed her purity forever. She feels worthless.

    But boy Hart had been so convincing when he told her that no one would find out, that he would protect her, that he loved her. She couldn’t resist him.

    The girl felt she had no choice but to lie when she asked if she was still a virgin. She couldn’t bear to disappoint her priesthood leaders in The Order.

    But when her pierced hymen was inspected by both President Oaks and Jane, the high priestess, her lie was exposed.

    Jane was furious that she had been lied to, and she left Ashleigh to wander nude through the temple. As the naked girl stumbled past shocked temple patrons, she heard them whispering “slut” and “whore.”

    Humiliated, Ashleigh came to a dark room where Jane, Melody, and President Oak’s girl, Pearl, were waiting to punish her.

    They were merciless, shoving dirty garment bottoms into Ashleigh’s mouth so that no one would hear her screams as they took turns spanking her ass raw.

    As the heady musk of her own pussy reached her nose, Ashleigh realized that she was dripping wet.

    The girls noticed too. “Looks like this little slut loves being punished,” Melody laughed. They set down the wooden paddle and took turns spitting on Ashleigh’s swollen cunt.

    “Let’s show her the true meaning of ,” Jane commanded, making open Ashleigh’s lips and pushing fingers deep inside her. The other girls joined in, hungrily filling her hole with their hands.

    Ashleigh had never experienced anything like this before. She felt stretched to the point of bursting as their fingers pistoned in and out of her pussy.

    “She loves it,” Pearl whispered. Ashleigh turned back to look the President’s girl in the face. Her mouth hung open and her eyes glistened with a mixture of awe and lust.

    Ashleigh felt the same mixture of shock and desire. She could do nothing more than moan and rock back and forth against the girls’ probing fingers.

    Jane then commanded the girls to lay Ashleigh flat on her back. “Pearl, hold her arms down and lower yourself onto her until she chokes.”

    Ashleigh’s heart beat in her throat as Pearl’s slick cum covered her face. She could barely breathe, but had to admit that she loved being suffocated by hot, wet pussy. She sucked on Pearl’s clit until her juices drenched her face.

    “You see,” Jane said, “Dirty whores love to be disciplined.”

    After the girls were through with her, Ashleigh waited to be told what to do next.

    Jane dismissed Melody and Pearl. She wound her long, beautiful hair up into a tight bun and covered herself with a fresh robe. “You’ll find out what we want from you when you’ve earned the right to know.”

    And with that, Ashleigh was alone.

    The young girl waits by herself, shivering against the cold, until she is summoned to pass through the black temple curtains. She steps into a small circle of light.

    Inside the room she finds a massive, black rectangle covered in a sheet. It looks like some Satanic version of the sacrament before the deacon’s remove the sheet and bless the bread and water.

    What is under that sheet? Ashleigh pulls it back and gasps in shock. There’s a long wooden bench with dildos attached to it, each thicker and more grotesquely shaped than the last. One is even the size and shape of a fist.

    Next to the bench is a bowl of oil. She dips her fingers in it and finds that it is still warm.

    Ashleigh glances around the room again. No one is there, but she knows The Order is watching.

    She slowly coats her pussy in the oil and prepares herself to take the first fat peg into her aching pussy.

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 14:58
    Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 4912kbps
    Audio: 153kbps

    File size: 556.7 MB

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