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RealTimeBondage exists because there is no other place for the most intense cunts on the web to get their fix. PD puts it best himself. Its not just a room full of sadists. Its an internet world full of sadists. Were simply the instruments. Rain is the bitch of the month, this time. Sure, shes a bit nervous, facing the collective will of the twisted. The members have a lot of questions they want answered. They need to know everything about her if theyre going to take full advantage. She says pain is her favorite thing so theyre going to give her plenty. The promises they give her actually bring her to tears. PD has an idea for putting pins under her nails and the merest thought of it makes makes her start crying. She shouldnt be scared, she should be grateful, and he reminds her. After all, if a worthless cunt wants to be used and tormented, why would she be afraid? His comforting doesnt do much to stem the flow at first, especially when he tells her it will probably be the most painful thing shes ever experienced, but she gets the message eventually. She wants to be a servant and she wants to please the members but she needs to be reminded of her place. When the time comes that she needs to piss, she wont be allowed until everyone is satisfied that Rain knows her place. Cyd Black is on hand and her relentless begging prompts him to give her a treatment with some extremely cold water. That almost brings her to tears again while she pleads to piss some more. She can come down from her post when shes pissed again. While theyre waiting the RTB crew makes her situation significantly more painful. They put clamps on her nipples, pussy and face and let her stew in the old urine from her first relief. Shes not happy to be dirty but she so desperately wants to be useful. If she is so anxious to please, PD has the perfect way. Its finally time for those pins he told her about earlier. Rain screams at the top of her lungs but she is helpless to resist as the individual impliments slide under her nails. The suffering has finally given her a purpose. This worthless cunts use is to be a pin cushion. The tears are flowing freely and she is shaking from the agony. Its does the trick, though. The worthless cunt isnt nearly as willful afterwards. She takes it like she knows her place when the entire team begins telling her how much she has failed to please them. Rain isnt a tough bitch to get down onto her knees but that doesnt mean theyll go easy on her once shes down there. The dumb bitch has made a lot of mistakes and they are going to need to be repaid. With so many members the crew has a wide array of ideas to choose from. She kneels on a wash board with a hood on and Dee begins to s her. The lack of air really scares her so the instead switch to slapping around her tits. The worthless cunt thanks the members for allowing her to breathe again. She has a hard time, probably due to the lack of air, remembering how to address herself but a little prying has her back in line. The membership wants to see this bitch strut her stuff. They have Dee put some brutally high heels on her before inserting a but plug. Some steel provides a way to make her keep her form while Dee uses the whip to walk Rain back and forth across the stage. The job gets a lot more difficult when PD puts some of his more devious devices on her tits. Like the failure she is she drops the plug and struggles to reinsert it. Since the dumb bitch is such a complete fuck up they switch out her clamps for castration bands on her nipples. The waterworks start immediately. You would think that she would be happy to have them off with how much she complained but taking them off doesnt seem to make her feel any better. Even Dees tender massage just makes the worthless cunt scream and cry even more. Bitches dont eat at the table and this one is no exception. Her ordeal has earned her a meal, but it hasnt earned her the privilege of being treated like someone worth anything. She does get a bowl for her water, but the crew couldnt really be expected to go fetch an extra so its the same one theyre using to soak her butt plugs. Rains disgusted but she should be grateful. It was nice of the members to let her have anything. Dees got a cock she wants to fuck Rain with but it needs to get wet first. Proving just how useless of a whore she is, Rain cant even manage to deep throat it. Her pathetic efforts just have her gagging and making a mess on the nice, clean floor. That just wont do, so they have her get down on her knees and lick it up. After his mess has been tidied up a bit Rain has one last service to perform. Everyone wants to practice their caning technique and the worthless cunt would make an excellent proving grounds. Dee perfects her strokes first, followed by Damon and Claire. When Cyd steps up he really knocks it out of the park, though. His strokes are enough to leave Rain wracked with sobs. Its just the way she prefers to be. Remember, RealTimeBondage is where the most intense pain sluts go to get their fix.

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