Studio: Realtimebondage

Jade signed up to be the next bitch in line for RealTimeBondage. That makes her the cunt du jour for everyones entertainment. What do the members have in store for her during this live feed? More torments than she could have imagined. For starters every bitch needs to limber up before the punishment begins. To get her body stretched out the members have PD attach her steel stocks to a pulley. As they raise or lower the bar she is moved into a series of increasingly difficult positions. Putting her through the paces is just the beginning. While she is getting her exercise she confesses exactly what kind of bondage slut she is; the kind of slut who can come from a good whipping. Each new idea from the members produces another level of pain for Jade. As PD explains, the latex bands on her tits make for a sensation more extreme than clamps can alone. The chair she is sat in is covered in sharp spikes that all dig into her skin. The collar that they use on her is tight enough to make her breathing labored. To keep their pretty bitch from struggling there are all kinds of vicious machinations. Her thumbs pull at her nipples, her toes are strung to her cunt and a weight bounces, attached to the clamp on her tongue. All of the pain she is suffering makes her hot. She begs for the privilege of cumming. She offers the members her tits as a sacrifice and their votes decide her fate. When they feel like they have seen enough they allow her the orgasm she has worked so hard to earn. The physical pain is over for now but the humiliation is just starting. With Halloween just around the corner a standard mask or hood would just be boring. The RTB crew has fashioned a jack-o-lantern for their beautiful and helpless slut. It fits perfectly over her head but weighs so much that it falls and breaks on the ground. That doesnt deter their fun. In fact, it provides the perfect place to serve lunch for Jade. Miss Claire is kind enough to assist her. She chews the food for her and spits it into her mouth and pumpkin-plate. Jade has to eat her meal in a hog tie and makes a real mess of herself. The clean-up is no less demeaning. Her entire face is a mess so Claire and Damon clean her up by spitting in it. Jade also has one hell of a dirty mouth. When the wads of paper towels arent up to keeping it clean they are replaced with a new bar of soap that remains firmly in place in spite of Jades struggles. The taste is so terrible that when it is removed she is willing to lick the dirty wooden floor if it will get rid of it. Jade is deep into her subspace by the time it comes time to suck PDs cock. She doesnt even seem to mind that the action has suds foaming up in her mouth. The experience of RealTimeBondage has completely taken her over. When hes done fucking her face Claire wants another chance to play with her body. Jade gets slaps across her face until her cheeks turn bright red. Claire takes her tits and twists them roughly in her hands. She also crams her hand down her throat, making the bitch gag every time. Sooner or later that reflex will go away, though, and then maybe shell be ready for PDs cock again. A crucifixion is in order. Its an old stand-by that never gets old. There is a twist, however, because Jades involves having her cunt split by a . A spreader bar makes it impossible for her to use her thighs as a defense. Instead she is to deal as her pussy bears her weight. When Dee vibrates her clit it takes the edge off, but as soon as Jade cums the pain is back and worse than ever. It is even compounded by the fact that the vibe does not go away. And for her final act Jade only has to answer a few simple questions. While the inquiries may not be that bad the circumstances definitely are. Every time the members dont like her answers she feels another jolt of electricity through her tits. She learns to love the pain soon, and as Dee plays the vibrator over her clit again she begins begging PD and the members for more shocks. After a few quick pulses she is begging for another chance to cum. They have their demands and she is eager to meet them if it means the ability to orgasm. She has to beg and plead for their sympathy but eventually they relent. She isnt allowed to get away with just one, though. Dee s more orgasms from her while PD shocks her and Claire returns to pound on her chest. When they are finally done with her body and shes allowed to stop cumming all Jade can do is smile and say, Thank you.

Format: real
Duration: 2:15:29
Video: 852x488, RV40
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 732.3 MB