Studio: Jayedwards

Assistant manager Brittany cant resist borrowing from the nightclubs company cash. She doesnt even realize this behavior is in conflict with her romantic feelings for her boss Jay. She gets him alone, planning to do a little dance routine for him. Brittany is gorgeous in her fetishy outfit; the pretty collar, meant as an accessory, portends her destiny. Brittany sashays up to Jay, asks him to unzip her bustier and pushes her tits into his face. Jay can see Brittany needs some lessons in personal conduct, ethics and loyalty. Jay grabs the beautiful blonde and ropes her up as she protests in surprise. Elbows are lashed tightly together and her pleas are countered with a ballgag. A post-tie follows with breast bondage for those ample globes and Jay shoves in a bit-ballgag. Steel spring clamps torment Brittanys nipples; she makes with the sad eyes as she drools on her breasts. Jay brings out the whip and asks Brittany if she stole the money. When she lies, the punishment begins. A panty-gag is bolstered with packing and sealed with layered tape. Jay feels up his captives huge soft tits as he ponders his next course of action. Brittanys seething with sexual desire and its a dilemma whether punishing her is teaching her a lesson or just making her more excited by the minute. Brittany at last admits her wrongdoing -- and she seals the confession with a loving kiss. Convinced of her contrition, Jay instructs her to ride her crotch-strap. She does so, breathing heavily and rocking her hips as she drools subconsciously on her big bare breasts. Brittany is told she may obtain forgiveness and retain her job if she pays tribute to the company head. Brittany practices her presentation until she gets it all down and her talent for persuasion is amazing. Bonus scene: Slave Rita endures a strict session in the red slave room. Her elbows are squeezed together by a single-glove as she accepts weighted nipple tweezers from her Master. When he removes her ballgag you can see the big strap-mark indented across her cheek. Her new bell-ballgag is chained up to the ceiling and she has nowhere to go -- just the way we like it.

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