I ask my slave as he stands naked and trembling before me. I've heard he's been seen with another mistress, and although he denies it, it's quite obvious that he's lying. I'll get a confession out of him one way or another, and proceed to pummel him with my 12-ounce MMA gloves! I repeatedly punch him in the belly, holding nothing back as I beat the truth out of the liar. I make him spread his legs and kick him in the nuts in between striking him in his fat stomach. I have him get down on all fours and kick him in the sides before moving behind him to bash his balls in yet again. He still won't admit to what he's done, and this just makes me angrier. I alternate between kicking and punching him as he cries out in pain, but will he finally confess what he's done? What's this cruel video to find out!

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