Princess Beverly to walk in to a room that acts as a slave shop with two (or more) slaves in a line on their knees, hands on their heads looking down with prices on their chests. She is on the phone explaining to a friend that her foot slave has died, the slave was too old anyway and not capable of licking her feet clean to her standards anymore anyway. She tells her friend that she's in the slave shop to buy a replacement and she's not sure whether to buy a cheap one as it'll only be a foot slave or buy a higher grade one. She tells her friend that she is going to try one out to see if it's worth her buying from this shop. She puts the phone down and turns her attention to the selection of slaves. She inspects them very roughly including making them open their mouth to check their tongues. She also looks at their penis's and makes a comment that "no wonder they are just foot slaves!"

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