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There are a number of ways to be hung out to dry but what Dee has in store for Catherine may be the worst. Shes going to stretch her arms up over her head and keep her feet tied firmly down. The position is going to be uncomfortable enough to give Catherine problems, but Dee definitely wont be content to leave it like that. No, shell find other ways to hurt her in the mean time. It may be using her as a punching bag or a whipping girl or whatever else comes to mind, but she will come up with something. Getting cut down wont be the respite Catherine is looking for, either. All it takes is a tight tie and a sharp stick to get her riled up and trying to fight back. Of course a fighing spirit isnt always rewarded, especially when youre fighting agaisnt someone like Dee. Rest entirely assured that disobedience is going to be met with painful punishment.

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