Studio: Bond Group Ltd

The plots a classic one: Jennifer tries to steal Torys boyfriend, Tory responds by binding and gagging her selfish roommate for the evening, then Jay Edwards, the man in question, makes sure Tory joins Jennifer in strict restraint! Dynamic on-camera tying sequences, top-quality ropework, and the energetic struggling of two beautiful ladies combine to make this a most satisfying version of a vintage storyline. But theres even more to this tape than the conflict between Tory and Jennifer! Utilizing leather straps and spreader bars as well as rope, new model Gianna is presented in seven alluring scenes. Along with familiar immobilizations such as a spread-eagle and hogtie, the Italian beauty experiences a new twist to the old chair-tie!

Format: real
Duration: 45:11
Video: 720x480, RV40
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 332.8 MB