Studio: Topgrl

Shes hooded and tied down to the bed, but it doesnt stop Elise from struggling to get away. Fighting doesnt earn her freedom, though, all it really does it make torturing her more entertaining for Dee. Dee limits her breathing by covering the air holes in her hood then pulls out the tiny blade concealed in her lipstick. Even with her air almost entirely cut off, Elise doesnt stop kicking and screaming. Since the tape isnt working Dee decides to use her pussy to s Elise next. She rides her face through the hood while she flogs Elises exposed cunt. When Dee brings out her whip she needs a better angle on Elises tits and twat so she raises her back into an acrobatic arch. She adjusts her bonds to make sure the little fighter isnt going anywhere and then starts to s the will from her again. When she calms down a bit Dee finds an inflatable cock and pumps it up. Elise fits it all in her cunt and holds it while Dee vibrates her, although her orgasm almost s it free. That doesnt stop Dee from putting her through multiple orgasms until she begs for it all to stop.

Format: real
Duration: 29:02
Video: 852x488, RV40
Audio: 62kbps

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