Another instance of cocks getting in the way of things involves a new golf instructor giving a trial lesson to her teacher. Not accepting her latest effort and finding it riddled with flaws, our male teacher decides that she needs another re-fresh and as he gets in close to teach her the proper positioning for a powerful drive, his hard cock peeks out of his curiously unzipped khakis. He continues his lesson and begins nonchalantly grinding his open erection against her skirt-covered buttocks right in the middle of an active public range and rather than acting surprised at his ludicrous intrusion to her private space, our cute trainee instructor allows him to continue his grinding. She ruminates on the fact that perhaps letting him have a little fun with her would give her an advantage in getting on the highway to a fast promotion so she gently wraps her fingers around his cock and leads him to a semi-secluded alcove where she gives a sweet, succulent blowjob.

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