Penny is on her stomach, as Calhoun tongues her ass, and then inserts a butt plug, before putting in the real thing into her pussy. With both holes now plugged, Richie, moves in and out slowly. Things continue nice and deep, before Pax climbs on top in cowgirl, and slowly glides up and down on the cock vaginally, with the butt plug still in. The cowgirl is followed up with Penny sucking and stroking the cock for a time, before things go to the next position. Next things go to front spoon, where Richie continues things, while Penny pushing tje plug deep into her ass. This continues until Richie is eventually made to cum - and he does so onto Penny's pussy. - A really good scene that continues to display the sexual progression of the characters. While the action may not be hard, it's definitely sexy. Nice use of the butt plug, as well as the front-facing spoon - A position that we rarely see in films(at least, I don't).

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