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    10 May 2016

    Femdom & Strapon Cruel Girls

    Studio: Owk.Cz

    60 minutes. Being the neighbor to three young girls may be very dangerous. Even Mr. Evzen Popa found this out an old, fat, disgusting, and vulgar lout. He continuously terrorizes his lovely neighbors with his overbearing and inconsiderate behavior. But one day the girls lose their patience and decide to take revenge for all his insults and wrongdoings. Mr. Popa becomes their victim in the true sense of the word. Helplessly chained in uncomfortable positions and gagged, he is delivered to the tender mercies of their leather whips. The swishing cracks brought down as hard as possible continuously land on his fat ass, which starts to turn purple. The Girls beat him without any sign of mercy, and his helpless whining and tugging is only another reason for their to indulge in this cynical entertainment. The callous, cruel and sarcastic Girls take advantage of this method of solving neighbor disputes until his whipped body barely shows signs of life.

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 1:00:56
    Video: 640x480, Windows Media Video V8
    Audio: 62kbps

    File size: 331.4 MB

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