Studio: Bond Group Ltd

Bound, gagged, and getting their feet mercilessly tickled. Squirming, Mmmphing, and Screaming into their packed and sealed mouths pulling hard against the massive ropes that hold their bodies tightly bound this is what you will see the ladies of Tickle Trauma enduring in this intense Foot Tickling Video that is just as much a bondage video as it is a Tickling video. Most tickling videos do not gag their ladies but as I said, this is first and foremost a bondage video so you get all of the same elements, however once our ladies are tightly trussed up and gagged on camera and close up as always in my videos then you will get to see the show of your life as these ladies with extremely sensitive soles get their feet mercilessly tickled its quite a show I must say watching them wriggle and squirm, unable to do or say anything about it they arent even able to change their mind once they are gagged and the tickling starts so if you like Pretty Ladies whose feet are truly ticklish no faking it here I only use ladies whose feet are truly ticklish tightly bound, gagged, showing off their cute soles while getting mercilessly tickled then this is definitely the video for you.

Format: real
Duration: 2:11:40
Video: 360x240, RV40
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 326.5 MB