Studio: Bond Group Ltd

We open as buxom Gloria is dragged into the room where she is quickly bound hand and foot by Dominic and Jay. She squirms and wiggles but she is no match for these two men. Her elbows are lashed together, a white ballgag is jammed into her mouth and she is left to struggle on the floor. The two men return, untie her, strip off more of her clothing, rope her elbows together again and strictly hogtie their helpless captive. Sexy Stacy is next: bound to a post while trying her best to get away from the ropes and gags which will soon control her. Completely bound to the post, she is left to ponder her fate. She is then dropped to her knees (while still tied to the post) and re-gagged with a fat leather gag which effectively stifles her complaints. Sultry Sabrina is grabbed at her dressing table and soon finds herself at the mercy of two bondage-savvy intruders. A ballgag is shoved into her mouth, her elbows are roped together and she is tied to the foot of her own bed. She is then gagged with a huge wad of cloth and red med-wrap before being thrown on her bed where her legs are tied up to the ceiling. She is completely vulnerable to the whims of these men. Feisty Rebecca is tied and gagged in the garage, elbows together and mouth stuffed with a huge wad of cloth and sticky duct tape. She attempts to escape but is caught easily; her reward is more bondage, a tight crotchrope and another huge wad of cloth filling her mouth held in with white med-wrap

Format: real
Duration: 1:15:50
Video: 700x472, RV40
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 514.1 MB