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    1,386,088 Dolly Fox - Fetish Fox - 3000px - 90X (12-11-2016)

    Scoreland - Dolly Fox - Fetish Fox - 3000px - 90X

    Model: Dolly Fox
    Set: Fetish Fox
    Pictures: 90 hi-res pictures
    Resolution: 3000px
    Release Date: Saturday November 12, 2016

    Prepare, if you dare, to enter the lair of Dolly "Dominatrix Without Mercy" Fox. She is the Mistress of Mayhem, the Princess of Punishment, the Sovereign of Sadism and she's happy to dish out as many whacks as you wish. Obey is the slogan on the wall of her dungeon. This ain't your bubbly, bouncy Dolly Fox. This is Dolly Fox exposed to red Kryptonite. Dark side Dolly is ready and happy to belt you one anywhere you want it. She has a special cage for any dude who gets her angry enough. "I enjoy this side because it's nice to escape this sweet and always funny girl," Dolly said in the video. "Sometimes it's nice to be tough. I don't hide it. I really enjoyed shooting this SM dominatrix video. It's the real me. Sometimes I enjoy punishing men. I have some people who really enjoy being on the receiving end of punishment. I really enjoy punishing them. It's so fun. It's really an escape from what's happening in the world." What else is happening in Dolly World? "I moved to Spain from Belgium because Belgium was just too cold. I picked Spain because some of it [the desert area] is like Arizona and Nevada. I'd really like to live there but I can't get a green card. So if I can't move to America, I wanted to live in a place that was similar." So, if you want to get punished, Dolly will happy to whip you good.



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