For those who may not be familiar to wearing rubber in a swimming pool, let me tell you that it's a really fun experience. Be it tight or loose, one of the attractions to rubber is the erotic and unusual feel of the rubber against your skin. When you are in water the feeling is somehow altered and amplified. You become more aware of being inside of a protective layer, and once the water seeps inside of your suit and gloves you are provided with yet another experience of sloshing around inside of an enclosed bag. Additionally, latex rubber provides a different experience than wearing a common neoprene SCUBA wetsuit. My first experience of wearing latex rubber in a pool was years ago when it was raining. I was in a heated hotel pool late at night and the rain was pouring down on my latex covered head and I was warm in the pool sloshing around and it was totally great!
So, in 2015 I was invited by some of my UK friends to a rubber pool party in Manchester England. We all showed up with our rubber gear and had a wonderful couple of days of sloshing around in-and-under the water. The first day started a bit slow because I was there with my video camera and my assistant Petgirl Kako had her underwater GoPro camera. Eventually got warmed up and a good time was had by all.

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