In his younger days, a friend of this website used to make all kinds of cool leather bondage gear for himself and his lady friends. He used an industrial sewing machine in his garage to make corsets, hoods, sleepsacks, helpless mitts, and suspension harnesses. He was inspired by the drawings of Stanton, The Bishop, and Centurian magazines and catalogs. This was in the day before the Internet and they only way he could have access to this material was through magazines sold at news stands and adult bookstores.
Recently, our friend has given us a lot of his gear to use on the website. In this video he happened to be paying us a visit at the same time as Elise Graves. One thing led to another and before we knew it Elise was being cinched into one of the corsets he had made, followed by some leather mitts and a strange-looking female hood. Once Elise was totally secure, a vibrator was used to enhance her experience.

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