Studio: OrgasmWorldChampionship

Ariel 47 points
Ariel is a treasure. Shes an amazing girl you know, the kind of girl from your dreams, from perfect world where it is only ever spring, with endless blossom and dancing near a fire. I love to work with her. I never know quite how she will behave during the next movie or shoot. It is always a surprise for me. She surprises me often. Well, Im sure Ariel will surprise you too with her fantastic essence and unbelievable beauty.

Milla Y 67 points
First time I saw Milla Y, I couldn't believe my eyes. She looked like a marvelous angel who came from the sky. She is just a blessing. On top, Milla Y wants to discover new things, new sexual experiences (like getting a clitoral orgasm (Y). And we gave it to her with pleasure and honor. Dear Milla Y, welcome to our Yonitale family!

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Duration: 18:12
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