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Pearl thought disciplining Ashleigh would be emotionally upsetting, but instead she had been turned on as the naughty girl was humiliated and finger-banged. She couldn’t believe the slut had lied to her man, President Oaks, telling him she was a virgin even though she had just had sex with boy Hart.

In all these years that Pearl has spied on her man’s activities, she’d never seen a girl lie to his face. Why would Ashleigh think she could pretend to be pure when she was actually a filthy whore?

Pearl was furious that that the girl had lied to her daddy. It was, therefore, deeply satisfying to punish Ashleigh, under the leadership of Jane and Melody.

Watching the snow white skin of Ashleigh’s ass turn a fiery red as she was spanked by the high priestess made Pearl’s cunt swell with desire. She almost wished they would spank her, too.

When it was Pearl’s turn to hold the paddle she was merciless. Each squeal of pain from Ashleigh made Pearl wetter and wetter.

“This is what you get,” she laughed, “for disrespecting my daddy.”

But even in the middle of all this excitement, she can’t get the night she spent with her man out of her mind. She can still feel his hot mouth enveloping her nipples, his tongue running up and down the seam of her pussy.

When she closes her eyes at night and concentrates, she can remember exactly how it felt to have her man’s throbbing member pierce her hymen, and the deep humming pleasure afterwards as he thrust into her hole again and again.

It was only a few days later that President Oaks told her she was promised to boy Tanner.

Pearl was heartbroken. Why would her man give her away to this man she felt nothing for, when he knows that she only loves him? Was he disappointed with her performance? Perhaps she hadn’t yet learned how to truly please a man.

But Pearl doesn’t want to learn those lessons with boy Tanner. Night after night, when he reaches for her, Pearl turns away and feigns a headache. Once her husband has fallen asleep, she reaches between her legs and rubs her clit, imagining her man above her once more, his hot cum shooting deep into her hole.

One day she receives word that her man wishes to see her at the Temple. She is sure she is in trouble for resisting boy Tanner’s advances, but she is excited to see President Oaks, to touch him, to smell his familiar musk.

He greets her with a kind smile and helps her dress in a ceremonial robe. His warm fingers linger on her hips and thighs as he smooths down the gauzy material. A moan escapes Pearl’s lips.

Oaks leads her to a small doorway and tells her to crouch down, “When you hear a knock, crawl through that opening. And remember, you have a sacred duty to obey the men of The Order, especially your husband.” His hand lingers on the swell of her ass.

But to her surprise her man is standing in the corner. Knowing that he’ll be watching her have sex with boy Tanner makes Pearl’s pussy tighten with desire.

As boy Tanner gruffly commands Pearl to undress him, her eyes linger on her man’s lean frame. As the outline of Tanner’s long erect cock appears against his sacred underwear, she stares at her man’s groin. And as she takes boy Tanner’s shaft in her mouth, it is President Oak’s massive dick she tastes.

Whatever boy Tanner has in store for her body, her heart belongs to her daddy.

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