As Cort, Olivia and Cameron sit on the bed, Cameron says heís feeling open to new experiences. Cort tells him he ďhas something for him.Ē CF vixen Olivia takes charge and instructs the guys in what to do. Cameron and Olivia remove Cortís shirt before going to work kissing Cameronís naked chest.

Cort and Olivia make out while Cameron strips completely. The guys make out while Olivia unzips Cortís jeans, then removes her denim shorts. Cameron and Olivia lay Cort back against the mattress and kiss up and down his torso.

Cameron eagerly swallows Cortís cock. Cort tells Olivia to remove some more of her clothes. Cameron attempts to deep throat Cortís entire dick but gags. Olivia sits on Cortís face, allowing him to lap her pussy. Cameron strokes Cort and again attempts to deep throat him, then takes both of Cortís balls into his mouth. Cortís dick is now fully erect.

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