Release Year: 1977
Genres: Classic

The ridiculous yet inspired plot involves two computer technicians, Herschel and Ken (a guy who looks like he tried out for Saturday Night Fever and was turned down), who create sexual "chips" that they plan to install in the frigid women in their lives.
After Ken "implants" Bobbie, a ditzy yet finely crafted slut, she blows him then tells Herschel's wife, Sue (LISA MARKS), and a rough looking short redhaired filly how wonderful it was. Sue gets suspicious... but not before the redhead’s husband gets her "ac/dc" switch applied. Sue "grudgingly" joins in so as not to blow her cover. Instead, she blows under his cover.
Herschel and Ken meanwhile, implant and screw an older Hawaiian gal...and the horrible jokes throughout this "luau" session are worth the price of admission!
Finally, Herschel props Sue on a table, implants her, and the sex starts to flow and flow and flow with just about the entire cast of the film. By the end of this sticky, robotically session, Sue tells us how great being a submissive sex slave really is!!!

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Duration: 56:07
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