Now My personal travel slave "purcelus" told Me he believes he can do better than that, that he is such a loser he can beat the record and cum in less than a minute and a half. So I set the stopwatch on My phone, and start jerking his limp cock. Unbelievably, he gets from totally flaccid to hard and ejaculating in a record shattering time. What a loser! How can he ever hope to satisfy a Woman with that cock of his, even as big as it is? So ok, the first time he was ridiculously fast, but maybe the next time he will last longer? Well, no, the second time was even faster than the first one. That is one useless cock! Third, forth, fifth time - still extremely premature. In fact, he only became not premature when he had no cum left in his balls and his cock became less useful than a piece of . Pathetic doesn't even start to describe it.

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