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    27 Sep 2012
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    36,644 Ella Rosa, x89, 3400px, *pee

    WetAndPissy - Ella Rosa, x89, 3400px

    From the moment that Ella walks into the room wearing her little kimono, there's something visibly special about her. Lightly wrapped around her, she doesn't focus too much on flaunting her body as she inches it down from her shoulders and upwards from her legs. Instead she snuggles it around her body, a choice that gives her a genuine 'girl next door' advantage. She wears her smile casually, and her eyes are always engaging with the camera. Undoubtedly, she's off to a great start. However, this is not where Ella's strengths end, for Ella happens to have great pissing abilities as well. She outputs well, she's relaxed in the act, and she definitely pisses with gusto. Every moment of pissing strikes a chord with the what makes pissing babes a pleasure to experience.

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