The way she is bent forward does give us a bit of access to her tits. We can whip them from underneath or reach around and give them a good squeeze. But if we really want to show her a good time it is going to mean changing her position a bit.
For access to her tits and pussy we bend Cherie over backward, arching her almost horizontally at the waist and then anchoring it by putting her neck back into the stocks. It's a brutal position, a twist on an old medieval torture device, that strains all of the muscles in her body at once. It's hard to hold yourself up with your back bent that way, and even harder when every adjustment you make to your weight bears the risk of making you lose your balance and putting all of the pressure on your neck. Cherie knows right away the precariousness of the situation she is in. It's just too bad for her that it's bound to get worse.

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