I donít know where I got my pregnant milking fetish from but Iíve got it! Maybe I wasnít breastfed as a Ö dunno. Whatever the case, I developed pregnantCoeds to show you my pregnant milking adventures! To be honest, I spent the last few yrs searching the for an EXCLUSIVE 18-25yr old pregnant/lactating college girl site and I didnít find any! YepÖ NONE! Most of the sites I found had shitty content, which has been seen on hundreds of sites! Needless to say, I was disappointed! Inside PregnantCoeds, youíll see my sexy, pregnant and/or lactating college girls posing, squirting their milk by hand or breast pump, shaking their ass, masturbating and teasing my camera. If youíre into pregnant/lactating girls, youíll love my site... I GUARANTEE IT! I'M TRULY ADDICTED TO BREASTMILK!! See ya inside!

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