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Video language: English

Cici Rhodes is going to have a good day. PD is feeling particularly sadistic at the moment and he plans to have as much fun as possible with this girl while he has her in his clutches.

The fun starts with a painful predicament. Weights are hung from her tits and her arms and legs are secured to a wooden frame. When he slides the spike board under her ass things get even worse for her. The ring gag in her mouth keeps her from clinching her teeth to bear the pain. The more she screams the more the open hole lets her spit dribble down her body. She tries talking through it but all that comes out is nonsense.

Laying down looked like it would be easier but it just gave PD better access to her most sensitive places. He begins to work his hands between her legs and she is helpless to stop him. All she can do is let out pitiful moans that express the pain of her humiliation and the intense sexual longing that her situation leaves her with. She knows she shouldn't want what he is doing to her but she can't help herself.

PD pulls out his cock, prepared to make her suck it. Instead she attacks it hungrily. Every bob of her head makes a hook fuck her ass and every time she feels it drive into her she wants him even more.

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