Release Year: 2002
Studio: Maximum Perversum
Cast: Svetlana (Meridian), Henry van Damp (Steve Vincent), Richard Lengin, Yves Baillat, Steven Vincent (Henry)
Genres: Fisting, Anal, DP, Gangbang, Lesbo, Piss

The cast list (as is so common) is inaccurate, three girls more than credited appear in the movie. The main point of interest other than the usual filthy action is the appearance of Svetlana, now better known as a Wicked girl called Meridian. Dubbed German dialogue. The movie has a sunshine setting at a country house owned by Henry Van Damp. I didn't catch a lot of the German dialogue, but the basic story is that there is going to be a porn film shot there. How original!

Scene 1: Alberto Rey and a lovely brunette turn up to discuss the deal with Henry on his tennis court. She is wearing her aerobics gear, but soon that is being discarded as Alberto seems to offer Henry the chance to fuck her in part payment for the hire of the house. It's a fairly routine scene with good angles and lots of close-ups of her curvaceous and attractive body. She gets it anally and in DP too. Most notable is Alberto's ability to come twice - he shoots once on her ass and then jumps up to come on her face, where Henry also dumps his load.

Scene 2: A cracking scene, where Yves gets to meet Henry's girl, played by the stunning Svetlana, a really cute bleached-blonde with beautiful natural tits and a genuine enthusiasm. Henry goes to take a call and Yves is straight in there with some bullshit about letting her into his movie with Bruce Willis. He is soon tasting her sweet little pussy and ass, and she eagerly tries to cram all of his bulbous knob into her mouth. Plenty of straight sex in various positions allows the chance to ogle her body, and as for the way she wriggles and grinds on Yves' cock...oh my god! Then this cock that she could hardly get in her mouth goes up her ass and she clearly reall enjoys it. OK, so Yves can't hold on for two long and soon he's painting her chin with cumas she pumps his tool with her tiny fist. She swallows his dick right down to the base. Somewhere round here Henry returns and catches his sweet, innocent girl in flagrante! What a beautiful sight to see Svetlana with a cock in her mouth, or riding a meaty tool.

Scene 3: A distraught Henry, doing that tedious sotted act that I have seen once too often, is consoled by the arrival of two hot blondes (one is the girl who appears as "Vanessa" in Animal Trainer and Debauchery 3 among others). He disappears for a while, and they get to grips with each other (why they just turned up at a house and then have sex, I don't know, just go along with it). This scene is briskly edited, the girls do a little bit of teasing stuff as the clothes are shed, some kissing and touching that leads to pussy licking. "Vanessa" then receives her friend's fist, pushed SLOWLY into her pussy, an act that looks exciting for both girls. Henry returns and has sex with one while fingering the other, then he gets them into a 69 where "Vanessa" gets fisted again, and pushes his cock into her butt for a fist-cock DP. Finally, he shoots into "Vanessa"'s bung hole and has the other girl suck him. Hot stuff, and straight to the point!

Scene 4: A couple turn up at Henry's outdoor pool, and while the guys go talk, the brunette lady of the couple strips off to reveal a slim, taut body. She takes a dip. Henry shows up nude and already hard. She is an accommodating girl, and she's happy to blow him, get fucked in her pussy and briefly in her ass, and then receive his fist in her pussy. A banana is also used to penetrate her pussy. He then returns to fucking her ass a little more, fairly hard, and shoots on her pussy, mixing with the mushed-up banana. She reclines on the hot tiles by the pool and he pisses all over her body.

Scene 5: Svetlana tries out some gym equipment, and is approached by Robert Rosenberg. She is very flirtatious and forward, and it's no surprise to see her quickly get his dick out. She is very keen! Her oral skills are good, and she can comfortably take a dick in several positions but this otherwise straight scene is mostly remarkable for the fantastic look of sheer delight on her face when the guy shoots a copious load on her face and her superb tits. She really likes to lap it up.

Scene 6: Out by the pool, Svetlana comes on to the slim brunette (sorry I can't put a name to her). They retire indoors where the brunette just lies back and lets Svetlana demonstrate an eagerness to taste pussy that matches her enthusiasm for cock. She first licks the brunette's twat then adds more fingers till it's "reach for the lube" time. Svetlana then proceeds to give the brunette a thorough, vigourous fisting that makes her writhe and buck. Then a shot of the brunette's pained expression moves out to reveal that Svetlana now has her little fist firmly embedded in the brunette's tautly-stretched ass. She certainly puts everything into the fisting! Outside again, the brunette unleashes a torrent of pee onto the poolside, and Svetlana naughtily dips her fingers into the stream and takes a taste. She is a BAD GIRL!!!

Scene 7: Richard Lengin is being shown round by Henry, and they arrive in a living room where two girls are waiting: a blonde with a slim but attractive body (she is familiar from several, usually submissive roles in Maximum Perversum movies) and the buxom brunette known as Renata in Euro Angels 15 (I would recognise those tits anywhere!). However, her sole involvement is to give out a couple of blow jobs, and a tit fuck between her spectacular and presumably natural tits. She then disappears, unexplained.The meat of the scene is all about Henry and Richard double teaming the blonde, they take turns at getting sucked while the other fucks. Then she gets a DP in a couple of different positions, all captured in fine style, before a couple of rather wasted come shots. The end is abrupt, as is common with these movies, like they rush through the last scene and edit it sharply because it MUST be under 90 minutes!

Overall: A very enjoyable and slightly kinky movie. Great shooting and lighting - the bright sun always helps. But the star turn has got to be Svetlana, she is totally cute and so enthusiastic, she throws herself into everything and looks like she had a ball. So did I.

Format: avi
Duration: 51:07
Video: 720x528, DivX 3, 1727kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 698.4 MB