Worshipping the Hunteress is a privilege! And it is a hard and dangerous job because this cruel woman expects so much from a slave. The Hunteress sits on a bar stool, high above the slave and she looks amazing in her vintage lingery and this pair of high heels. While she puts on her opera length leather gloves she tells the slave that he is going to worship her heels and legs now. The slave promises to do his best but the mean lady exerts more pressure on him: "Let's hope that your best is good enough! Don't disappoint me!", she hisses. The slave may start his work then and with a deep devotion he licks and kisses her shoes. "Show more effort!", his owner commands. But then the Hunteress stands up and her amazing legs are right in front of him. So close. She tells him that she wants him to kiss her legs up and down, exactly on the thin black line on the backside. What a honor for that slave, isn't it? Can you imagine how nervous he is now? Click here for an amazing and larger picture.

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