This is a fun video featuring Elise Graves (Fetlife), Doc Rough (Recon) and a number of other notable kinksters. We were setting up bondage gear for some scenes which will be featured in videos on this website in the future. As usual, comedy and laughter were part of the process, however and at one point Doc Rough was getting a little teste with us. We pointed out that he was in no position to annoy us because he was locked in a cage and his balls were clamped to the floor. I said that I really liked the ball clamp because it is so weird and bizarre, and we could see by the grimace on Doc's face that this was indeed true. As usual, fun was had by all. Watch for the upcoming videos documenting just how intense play can be when you get a sadist (Elise) and masochist (Doc) together in the same room.

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