I have had a long interaction with this lovely young woman on the internet. We joked about my love for bacon and heavy gear bondage. She expressed an interest a long time ago and slowly but surely she became curious enough to show up. The biggest fear she shared was classic claustrophobia, but suspected there was a little more. Her first visit she brought her husband and mastered the leather hood and chair. This time it was a sunny weekday morning and she came alone. I thought it would be a good time to take a more sensual journey. Full skin contact with thick quality rubber is a sensation that brings out my emotions so I figured it would do the same for her. The full hood from Instincts was equipped with an internal anesthetic mask that allowed ample breathing. This hood is also great for breath play but not something I would be doing in this scene. The Sleepsack is my Mr S Leather extra thick rubber womb; I spend many quiet hours there. The ear plugs were new to her but she was in for the full treatment. After the awkwardness of being naked in front of relative strangers she soon relaxed into the coolness of the smooth rubber. The quiet nervousness was quieted by my reassuring hands as I began at her feet to slowly secure her to the board. The leather straps are also fro Mr S and have become a familiar sight in our scenes. The connection was very strong because of the slight movements and sounds coming from within the rubber. After hoisting her up she drifted around the room. This was a time for her to face those fears. Like most of us being alone with our thoughts are a challenge, she seems to have those same common fears. Like many times before emotions came to the surface alone with a few well deserved tears.

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