Release Year: 2014
Studio: Hunter
Cast: 24 Amateur Girls
Genres: Censored, All Sex, Group Sex, Blowjob, Facesitting, Sleep, Cream Pie
Video language: Japanese

When you are a man of mankind, and your work takes place in office where except two more your male colleagues, 24 pretty employees - often very difficult to concentrate and be cool work. Outlines and magnificent bends of effective and slim figures of these ladies, visually, very well emphasize their accurate business suits, short skirts, kolgotochka, heels - chafing yours and without that the rich imagination. The situation becomes complicated also that all these 24 ladies stand above you on office hierarchy. If they work intellectually, thinking out various sketches for women's clothing, you and more two of your colleagues by situation work as banal servants for young women, type: "Bring, give, go on (censorship) - don't disturb...." . You bring them coffee, tea, in every possible way you serve them, you watch serviceability of conditioners, etc. Agree, such state of affairs can't please the real man. Such - simply oppresses. However, often, low situation, it is possible to turn in own favor as advantage, and to use it. Especially, if one of two male colleagues in the past was the quite good chemist-biologist. Some weeks of its experiences and here it brings an elixir for work. If to drink at least some drops of this potion - you will fall asleep a mertvetsky dream at some o'clock. And as, tea and coffee to employees are carried by your men's team, to lull young women and to use their helpless situation to satisfy the complexes - remains an equipment question. So our heroes also arrived. As a result, all 24 employees fell into hibernation, and three men suited the real orgy serially with all young women. Having finished the dirty affairs, men back dressed the female colleagues to hide traces of crime. Therefore when those regained consciousness - anybody suspected nothing.

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Duration: 4:23:10
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