I have communicated with this young lady for several months. I think she initially contacted us, then faded away, then came back and faded away again. Finally she became curious enough to visit the Serious Bondage Institute. This was impressive in my opinion so we wanted to give her a good bondage experience. We gave a tour and asked what she wanted to try. She has a great deal of BDSM experience and said she loved hoods and heavy bondage. She showed an interest in my weird floating bouncing sleepsack so I figured that was a good place to start. After I put her in the hood she began to coo and moan. Each strap produced a small sound. As I elevated her off of the floor she began to giggle loudly. Her laughter was infectious as she bounced and spun around the room. She floated and drifted away for an hour or two. I could feel something profound was happening inside. Eventually I removed her slowly. Her face tells the story. From laughter to tears, she felt the power of this sensory deprivation device. This was all an unexpected reaction, the laughter, the tears, and the profound connection she felt with this experience. This will not be her last I'm sure.

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