These girls are really mean and cruel. Of course they know exactly about the reaction of that male slave, when the walk in skin tight jodhpurs and high heeled boots through the stables. There is no chance for him to hide his reaction, provoked by the young ladies, And that's what they want. Just another reason to whip that poor slave. They have chained him to a wooden bar and they tell him that they are offended by his erection. They use their very thin, flexible and extremely painful dressage whip to teach him a lesson. Without any hesitation, the spoiled girls start whipping his inner thighs, including his erected dick. You can imagine how much pain that generates. Especially Sarah doesn't know any mercy. The sadistic lady targets his dick, again and again. And everytime she hits it, the slave scream in pain, pulls on the chains and nearly is broken. But a lot of faceslaps by Cloe bring him back to position and Sarah starts over until he breaks down again... and so on and on. These arrogant bitches are really mean girls.

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