Although this dress is darn sexy I absolutely despise sequins. Alas, I wanted a very shiny, gold dress and this dress fit exactly what I was looking for (gold, shiny, low cut, fitted to the body and decent in price). Unfortunately my skin is incredibly sensitive so I had scratches all over my body from the sequins. I learned that lesson (not to wear sequins) one night years ago in Las Vegas. A large group of my friends went to L.V. to see some famous DJ at the Marquee club. All the girls wore purple clothing. The dress I wore had sequins all down the front of it and was also sleeveless. Needless to say my whole arms were torn up by the end of the night. I don't think I had worn a sequin dress or top since then. After seeing the photos and video from this scene I do think the pain was worth it. Everything turned out beautiful!

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