Shes prepped for her ordeal with a sack chained about her neck and her hands shackled to her sides. Her dress comes off slowly. Before long, shes wearing nothing but stockings, heels, and suction cups on her nipples. For her interrogation, shes chained spread-eagle on a metal frame. Her cunt is smeared with lube and wired for punishment. The crotch strap buries itself in her pussy. It is quickly evident that Tyler can screech along with the best of them. Her thighs convulse with each blistering shock. The excessive perk of her nipples makes them perfect for tying and stretching. Tyler is a great sport, accidentally letting it drop that she hates "tickle." In the end, the vibrator sinks into her pussy, getting her off big time as she squeaks and growls. But then it goes on and on and on, well beyond pleasurable.

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