Cast: Sayaka Oshiro, Koda Yuko, Katsuragi Uni
Genres: Japanese, Uncensored, Blowjob, All Sex, HandJob, Cunnilingus, Facesitting, Femdom, Uniform,
Video language: Japanese

I well remember my high school years, and their school. I remember one girl - my odnoklasnitsa, mixed men's room with his feminine. Because of the history of two - she did not pay attention to it - in which she entered the restroom. And I also did not immediately believe what is happening ..... because I was in love with her - and now we're together alone with her in the men's room)) What a romance)) Just smell the environment - bad)) This girl was able to observe his mistake only when we washed our hands and suddenly looked at each other casually. Then I vaguely remember going on .... but she pulls me into the toilet stall and closes the door on the latch. Remove my pants and skilled movements of the hands, tongue and mouth brings me to faint and dizzy state (in the best sense of the word). Maybe she too was in love with me? Or maybe she was just in the heat of passion because of two, and so behaved so strangely? I will never know, because the next day she transferred to another school ..... I remember as a female head teacher found out about our private affairs made me severely reprimanded and told me off for it. How did she only found out about it? Have they hidden camera hidden in the toilets? And then what? Chastised me for my first sexual experience and first love, and she over 20 minutes from the Director member under the table "sucked" for a raise when her husband is alive? And who among us even more pervert and a degenerate? But my friend and neighbor's party even more to the business once got. Local troublemaker and dvoechnitsa fun of him in the same men's room, made him otlizat her crotch and threatened that if you try to be bad - "inflate drizzle" into his mouth. And then violently sex with her. Still, it was nice and bright years ..... now I have a wife - that I had eaten the whole baldness their claims, gray days and I often think of that girl in the men's room, and my friend - my pervert-hooliganism, which in the end was not so severe as compared to his current ladylove)))

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