Studio: OfficePerils
Cast: Carissa Montgomery, Elizabeth Andrews

Carissa and I were reporters for the local college newspaper. While gossiping over lunch, we decided to look into why the foot ball team was doing so good this year. Last year they were last in the conference and this year they were undefeated in the season, seemed a bit odd to us. Or rather me. Carissa was just going along for the ride as my big breasted blonde friend who liked to have A LOT of fun.

We thought we would start at the very top of the chain and snoop in the Dean's office. Carissa and I quietly slipped into the Dean's office. There was a manila folder on his desk. I took pictures of the documents inside for future investigation. I wanted to get out of the Dean's office as quickly as possible. But that wasn't in the plans for the day. The Dean walked into his office and saw us hovering over the folder on his desk. I quickly closed it and started to act like I was dressed. I was wearing a blue sweater that buttoned down the front. It matched my white and blue tennis skirt perfectly. My skirt barely covered my ass so I wore a pair of pantyhose under it. White knee high socks and a pair of tan peep toes completed my outfit. Carissa was wearing a halter top that showed her stomach, short jean shorts, white knee high socks and red heels. She was already turning on the charm for the Dean.

We flirted with the Dean. I opened my camera bag and showed him the string, tape and cloth I had brought with me. I was glad I had because this was better than the alternative Carissa had come up with. She was always a sucker for being on her knees. The Dean picked up some of the string and bound our arms behind our back. I kept eyeing the file on the desk while I pretended to come on to the Dean. He shoved cloth in my mouth tired of my flirty antics and questions about the football team. The Dean then wrapped clear tape around my head. Carissa giggled as the Dean gagged her but kept glancing at me with a look of worry. I knew what we were getting into but there was only so much the Dean could do to us.

He directed us to stand in the corner. Carissa and I did what he said. He motioned to Carissa to sit in the chair. I momentarily joined her, on her lap. The Dean shooed me away as he worked on Carissa's legs. I bubbly bounced around the office looking for clues. I grabbed the folder off the desk while the Dean was distracted and took a better look at what was inside. I quickly replaced the folder back on the desk and went and flirted with Carissa, hoping that the Dean hadn't really noticed my absence. I think he was too focused on Carissa's big breasts anyhow.

Apparently he had noticed my absence, because as soon as he was done tying Carissa's ankles to the chair, he bound my ankles together and made me down on my knees. A vision of what was about to come flashed in front of my eyes, except it wouldn't be Carissa on her knees, it would be me! What was he going to do? make Carissa to watch. But instead he made me between Carissa's spread legs. Carissa still leaned in and pressed her clear tape gagged lips against mine. The Dean seemed to like that. He hogtied me in between her legs and untied her halter top, exposing her big breasts in front of my face. We wiggled in our bondage, trying to loosen our bonds. The Dean left his office, stating he had meetings to attend to and that we should stay right there and think about what we did wrong. HMPF! There goes my front page story, at least for now....

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