Studio: Harmony Concepts, Pandora Production

We open on Darla, in a long dark wig, satin skirt and blouse, and six-inch heels, tied standing at the foot of her bed. Shes first balanced on one foot, her wrists drawn up in back, then in her stockinged feet, one tootsie thrust forward, with her elbows together in back. Next we find her in a short, sassy dark wig, cropped black sweater, mini kilt, and white maryjanes. Shes bent over a bench with her red panties exposed and bobby socks pulled over her hands. Then shes sitting on the bench, her legs spread wide, with her elbows together and her sweater pulled up in front. Moving on, we meet Darla in a dirty warehouse, where some dastardly cad has our heroine tied to a chair, then wriggling on the floor. The lighting and rope work of these two scenes, along with Darlas attire, and whimpers for help, bring to mind those pulp magazine covers of yesteryear. She wears gold sequins, and is tied, first to the staircase, then in a strict hogtie on the carpet, with glittery gold cord. The next two scenes have Darla in a red velvet dress, and red heels, bound with cloth strips. First shes upside down in a chair, then in a semi-hogtie on the floor, with the top of her dress pulled down. Following this, shes spreadeagle on a four poster, first face up, then face down. For these she wears a satin cincher, patent kneeboots, and a short red wig. Next we find Darla in a wild black wig, PVC bustier and gloves, and patent thigh boots. Shes bound with chains, locks, and handcuffs, and trying her hardest to perform her domestic chores. Finally, Darla is back at the foot of her bed. She wears a long black satin negligee, black mules, and a smile. Shes caught in a dramatic web of ropes, but from the look of things shes not worried at all!

Format: real
Duration: 1:15:43
Video: 320x240, RV40
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 191.1 MB