As she struggles in front of the tree like a good holiday present, Randy begins to drool on herself. That happens you see when you shove a ball in someones mouth for an extended period of time. She wiggles her long toes against her pantyhose because thats about the only part of her she can move. Well almost, she can also push her pelvis against the rope between her legs making it rub against her clit nicely. She grabs the crotch rope and pulls on it making it that much tighter. Ass beautiful round ass tightens as she struggles against the rope holding her. Struggle for us Randy. Here let Jim help you. Tickle tickle tickle! Wow! Listen to her squeal when he finds that ticklish rib! Look what happens when he flips her over and tickles her belly! It wouldn't be a JimWeathers scene if there wasn't a vibrator tied to her excited pussy now would it? Randy uses her feet to get the vibrator into just the right spot and then Jim ties it there. Her toes curl. There is no escape! You will cum Randy, it is Christmas after all.

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