I live in this apartment building for 2 years, since I graduated and got a job in a nearby company specialized in the production of various computer accessories and all kinds of electronic gadgets. I can say - lucky. The company where I work - a prosperous and decent wages allowed me to buy out an apartment in this prestigious area is quite and let not a luxury, but tolerable condominium. Agree - even a hole, but its is better than living with my parents. In our house, the neighbors are very friendly and courteous. However, in the neighboring apartment, right behind my wall recently changed owners. Instead of a nice old men with whom we sometimes whiled away the evening playing mahjong game or two, the couple settled. He - man of 45-50 years. I saw him a couple of times only a glimpse of all time. I do not know - where he works, but apparently it is a very busy business man and, once it is almost never home. She - a separate conversation. 30-35 years. I've never seen her with hair curlers on her head and wearing a robe in a daisy. It has always been made up, dressed immaculately and heels. Even garbage endured in a miniskirt, politely greeted me. And it tumbling into a common pot, bent so that I could see her panties. Why - I? But more than anyone in the hallway is usually not provided. And throwing garbage leaning, she half-turned around, to be sure - I'm looking at it? Balcony of our apartment is near, and I were clearly visible number of posted lace, vulgar and sexual attributes of women's intimate underwear accessories. Their number - amazed. Why do so many of them a lady, and just wash, if the husband is constantly missing? I do not rummage for trash, but in this case I touched the animal interest. Why did I run into this lady when she takes out the garbage? Maybe she's waiting for me, and especially looking forward to what I'm going to do to understand it a hint? Oh, my God, you can call me a dustman - but I was stunned by the finding that found it in her bag of garbage. Broken electric vibrator for women ... and, oh, Lord .... use a condom - told me a lot about the owner bag of garbage. Perhaps she did it deliberately, to check my interest in it, because the next day she invited me to tea to your home TV .... see if they have started working poorly. After repair of electrical engineering, I was going home, but my friend and tries to break his pants on my pants. However, my mistress began to complain of pain in the bones and cartilage, and how to live with this bad. I had to be closed up in combination and a massage therapist, although this part of the profession brought me greater pleasure than to repair the TV (which, as it turned out, was just the volume to zero). And, suddenly, I - could not resist .... Showed her all that he had found it in a trash bag and started to touch her. It is of course for the kind of resist (I love my husband, faithful to the grave, that you allow yourself?), But these attempts were only for show. For the first time - a long time I did not have enough. Ended up blowjob and copious eruption in her mouth all the passion that I have accumulated. But already the next day, she made no husband (who is always absent), and me - breakfast in my apartment, completely naked (except for the kitchen apron, barely hiding her nakedness) and ready to have sex with me at any time, even during while cooking my breakfast.
Since then, it took another two years. I'm still just living in this condominium has over 4 years with a young and faithful wife, whose husband never showed up .....))

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