Mistress Tangent loves to feel the prostrate slave beneath Her black pumps. She walks and stands on him as he moans beneath Her. She glances at his cock and sees it is very hard so She sits and steps on it which elicits a massive out pour of pre-cum from his prick. She chastises him for not being able to control his fluid and then steps back up on Her human carpet. She takes off Her black pumps and steps up on his face with both of Her nylon covered feet. Tiny, well-manicured toes dig into the sides of his face as his Goddess full weight face tramples Her subject. Her perfect size 8 feet walk and step all over his body while She pays special attention to his face as She gets up to his neck. His cock wiggles hard at attention and continues to leak fluid from Her ministrations. Her toes dip in and out of his mouth and then She sits on his chest and reinserts Her feet first into his mouth.

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