Cast: Cory Chase
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Do not juice The bottle says in the fridge. But it's hot and there's nothing else Cory wants to juice so she gives it a try. It's delicious. more, she feels the heat of the day coming back to her, making her sleepy. She looks at the juice one last time before passing out.

Why am I tied to my chair!... wait what are you doing! What is that! Cory screams her boy slowly sliding a cold hard metal butt plug into her tight ass. Her eyes go wide and her mouth opens in shock from her boy's violation of her body. Why is he doing this! She thinks. He unzips in front of her. She tries to keep her lips closed but he pushes his hard cock into her mouth and makes her gag on it.

He spins the chair around and continues to punish her, fucking her ass. Not even her husband fucks her ass and now her boy is using her. Baby please, how could you do this? She says to him moaning from his cock. He spins her back around to suck on his dirty cock before fucking her ass again.

After using her body, he shoots his big load all over her pleading face. Is this all because I drank your juice? She asks. He makes her juice more of the knock out juice mixed with the cum on her lips and she again, shame all over her face.

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