Studio: Sexuallybroken

Today we have a beautiful toy to play with. Madelyn Monroe is blessed with big blue eyes, firm tanned flesh and long blonde hair. She also comes with an undeniable love of rough sex and brutal deepthroat. She has come to the right place. Deepthroat and rough sex are our specialities here at Sexuallybroken.
We take our eager fucktoy and bind her down to a sybian. Sybians are the worlds most powerful vibrator and sound like an airplane taking off. A pussy on top of one doesnt stand a chance. You WILL cum, and you will cum hard. Being the generous sort that we are, we add in some brutal deepthroat to the mix. Madelyn is about to understand the true definition of sexually broken.
Flipping the switch, we get to work. Madelyns orgasmic shrieks echo off of the rafters as we train out her mouth until it is custom fitted. The bondage keeps her firmly in place as we tattoo our initials on the back of her throat. Her makeup rapidly becomes destroyed as the sybain and dicks work their magic. The porn pretense dropped and it just becomes about cumming and surviving.
The honesty of the true sexual animal beneath those LA looks is a beautiful sight to behold. We behold it for extended periods of time on the end of our dicks until we have had our fill. Madelyns tight pussy is all cummed out and we have left our mark on this twitching starlet. Those big blue eyes stare off vacantly into the distance, the true mark of being properly broken. It was a pleasure my dear...

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